Maillabs Services

Maillabs allows you to send and receive your mails by the modern way, and you can decide what you want to do with it, the mail scan service is a convenient and time saving mail management solution for both individuals and businesses alike, don’t worry about receiving any more junk mail, and allows you to manage your online postal mail while automatically removing your junk mail, and with Maillabs’s recycling and shredding features, you only receive the items you need, you do not see unwanted mail items and you do not receive periodicals, magazines or any junk mail.


Virtual Mailroom services

i want to share my experience with maillabs allows serveal service like : virtual mailbox, virtual mailroom, mailbox forwarding, mail scanning, virtual po box and virtual address.
save your time while managing your postal mail remotely, you will no longer have to beg anyone to drop by your house to collect your postal mail, once you sign up for maillabs’s virtual mailbox, the facility takes care of your postal mail, when your items reach the facility, you receive an online notification and then you can decide whether the item should be shipped right away or whether it can wait and be shipped with other items for cost-effectiveness or whether you wish to store it at the facility free of charge.